Our Representatives Originated in the Engineering and Purchasing Fields

Our Headquarters is Located in Detroit, Michigan.

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Major automobile makers are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, more efficient processes, and cost savings opportunities from prospective automotive suppliers. Without a strong network of contacts from within these organizations, becoming a supplier to the automotive industry can be a challenge. Hiring a manufacturers’ representative not only ensures that your products will make it into the hands of the right decision makers, but also that your company will be given serious consideration as a new supplier.

Automotive purchasing and engineering relationships require a consistent line of communication to ensure that your company meets the customer’s needs and remains a competitive alternative to other suppliers that make your products. Our team of manufacturers’ reps are always available to meet with customers, buyers, and engineers to discuss any issues that might arise and to respond immediately to new bidding and quoting opportunities. While these duties can be handled by an in-house sales team, hiring a Detroit, Michigan based manufacturers rep agency like T.S. Brozek, Inc. will allow you to avoid the overhead costs of additional staff and guarantee that your company is represented by someone that your customer knows and trusts.

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