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As an experienced group of manufacturers representatives with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry, our sales agency is focused on obtaining profitable business for our clients. Their financial success is imperative to our own. T.S. Brozek, Inc., is truly an extension of our client’s own workforce.

As a sales agency, our experience encompasses knowledge of selling all types of manufactured products to Ford, GM, Chrysler, Asian, European OEM’s, and the Defense Industry as well as Tier 2 companies. Our sales agents understand the manufacturing processes and the design principles to complete a successful product launch.

All of our manufacturers representatives have a strong engineering background. Engineering competence is pertinent to our success. Our knowledge of the industry and sales philosophy has assisted many companies achieve very successful growth.

T.S. Brozek, Inc. has strong contacts in the automotive industry, and with the technical expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing. This approach to marketing your products results in profitable sales for your company.

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